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Lanes of Light

Lanes of Light 2020 was a tremendous success! Through our community's efforts and the broader community's support, over $31,000 was donated to The Salvation Army food ministries. That equates to over 81 TONS of food for those in need. Lt. Mike McGee with The Salvation Army sums up the true gift of the event this year in the following excerpt from his message to Twin Lakes residents and staff. 

2020 has been a challenging year for many, but the residents and staff at Twin Lakes have stepped up in the face of adversity and done something incredible. You may be tempted to believe that all you did was “put on a light show.” You may be tempted to believe that all you did was “raise some money.” But I want to affirm for you the following truth:

 Following a year that no one predicted; in which many lost their jobs, their loved-ones, or even their lives. The residents and staff at Twin Lakes have done the unthinkable. – You have shared a message of hope. Because of your tireless effort and the Generosity of this community, the Salvation Army will be able to provide food to all who come to us in need in 2021. But this effort is about so much more than that. Your efforts prove that when the world offers us its worst, the Hope of Christ endures!

  Lanes of Light is an award-winning mile-long drive through Twin Lakes Community dressed in holiday style. Through the joint efforts of our staff and residents, our 215 acre campus is transformed into a winter wonderland filled with festive fun. Dozens of illuminated trees, a sixty-foot sea serpent, and other holiday designs create a beautiful reflection as they float on our lakes. A larger-than-life Toyland with a live jack-in-the-box is the delight of children young and old. Those displays as well as all other wooden designs are the creation of our resident woodworkers and artists. Additional displays are designed and created each year. Santa, Mrs. Claus, The Grinch, and Frosty the Snowman are always dressed in full holiday attire to greet visitors. And, the favorite of all visitors is the residents of Twin Lakes who enthusiastically stand at their court entrances wishing every visitor a Merry Christmas! Through Lanes of Light, a true labor of love, over 350 tons of food has been given to local food ministries. See you at Lanes of Light 2021! 

Priest on the Street

Priest on the Street:

We now take you to Twin Lakes Chaplain Ryan Grove for his up-to-date, lighthearted coverage of residents on the streets of our community. To view, click on this link, password tlc: 


New Garden Home Construction

Welcome Home! The first phase of our last garden home development is complete and residents are moving to their new home on Davenport Court. Two remaining phases, Nightingale and Carmichael Courts, will be completed this summer. A total of 28 families will be moving to this beautiful development.


Covid-19 Update

Twin Lakes Community’s response to the novel coronavirus:  the wellbeing of  the residents and staff at Twin Lakes is always our highest priority. As part of our ongoing efforts to protect our community, Twin Lakes is closed to visitors and nonessential service providers. Only visitors providing assistance with the health needs of an independent living resident will be given special access.  If you would like to request special access, please contact Twin Lakes. We are closely monitoring the situation, and will adjust our procedures as necessary.