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Continuing Care Retirement Community

A continuous arc of care is one of the hallmarks of Twin Lakes Community. Residents living independently appreciate the convenience of our on-site nursing clinic.  Through our partnership with Piedmont Senior Care, the clinic is staffed five days a week by a physician, who is also our medical director, and a physician’s assistant.  Nursing care is also available in the clinic provided by Twin Lakes’ Director of Independent Living nursing.  

As a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), we provide all levels of care should the need arise. Our continuum of care includes Deacon Pointe Assisted LivingCoble Creek Skilled Nursing, and Moneta Springs Memory Care. Our care residences are available to Twin Lakes residents, as well as the broader community.

Our facilities are CARF accredited and consistently hold five-star ratings from the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS).  While we appreciate being recognized as part of an elite group holding these designations, our residents’ stamp of approval is what means the most.

Are you interested in visiting our community or have a question about the levels of care that we provide our residents?  Contact us today! 

Higher Levels of Care and Personal Assistance

Coble Creek Healthcare & Rehab

Coble Creek continues to build on a tradition of excellence in providing comprehensive and compassionate, person-centered care to those who reside within.

Deacon Pointe Assisted Living

Deacon Pointe at Twin Lakes Community offers Assisted Living for residents who need a supportive environment with assistance from professional staff.

Moneta Springs Memory Care

Moneta Springs allows residents with dementia to experience life in an engaged, active, secure way. Each day is carefully thought out to make sure everyone is taken care of.


Twin Lakes Community offers a licensed home care agency for our residents and others living in the broader community. Our Home Care Agency provides certified NA(s) in your home.

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