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CCRCs, also known as Life Plan communities, are communities that provide a continuum of care to older adults under a contract for the life of an individual. Typically, there are three levels of care offered: Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing Care. Twin Lakes offers all three levels, in addition to an exceptional Memory Care residence. Fees, services offered, accommodation choices, and contract options vary with each facility. The NC Department of Insurance oversees all CCRCs in the state. Pertinent information regarding all CCRCs in NC may be obtained at

Aesthetically, one visit to our campus reveals the exceptional, beautifully well-manicured, spacious 225 acres that encompass Twin Lakes Community. Financially, our residents have a greater degree of freedom and flexibility than at many other CCRCs. Dining in our restaurants is optional with no required meal plan. Housekeeping service is also optional, not mandatory, which allows our residents to choose this service on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis or not at all. Our fee-for-service contract allows residents to pay only for services they are receiving while in independent living. They do not prepay for higher levels of care they may never need as other types of contracts demand.

We are not owned by a private company or stockholders. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which serves as a policy-making body and is comprised of residents at Twin Lakes as well as various professionals from the surrounding area. Day-to-day operations are under the direction of our President/CEO. We are a non-profit organization, which means none of our earnings can be used for the benefit of, or be distributed to our directors, officers or other private individuals; profits are returned to Twin Lakes Community for the pursuance of our mission.

We have a very simple, friendly application process. Our application fee is $250. Applicants are added to our priority waiting list in the order in which applications are completed and approved. You retain your place on the list until you become a resident; thus, you may change your date of residency, choice of home(s) or defer admission without losing your place on the list.

Twin Lakes Community consistently maintains one of the highest occupancy rates in the industry. However, because we are one of the largest CCRCs in the state offering 432 independent living choices, the wait time is usually not as long as many other communities. The variables of unit turnover and acceptance by someone ahead of you on the priority list determine the wait time.

Our residents come from diverse backgrounds, careers, and interests bringing a wealth of experiences and expertise to our community. As a resident stated, “One of the many things that attracted us to Twin Lakes was the diversity of backgrounds of residents and how well they blend.” As residents, they choose to take advantage of the abundant opportunities to explore new ventures or continue previous passions, which are broad and plentiful. Volunteerism is exceptionally strong at Twin Lakes. Our residents and staff contribute more than 16,000 hours each year in volunteer services to the broader community; Twin Lakes won the North Carolina Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service from the Office of the Governor.

An entrance fee is the one-time acceptance fee or entrance fee that you pay for the home you select at Twin Lakes. The amount of the fee is based on the size of the home you select at Twin Lakes. Some CCRCs refer to this as an admission or buy-in fee.

Yes. Under our standard contract option, the admission fee is refundable in an amount reduced on a pro-rated basis for 30 months. After 30 months, no portion of the admission fee is refundable. We also offer a 50% refund paid after you cease to be a resident of Twin Lakes.

An individual or one member of the couple must attain the age of 62 before admission.

Services include all utilities other than telephone; basic cable television (residents may contract directly with the cable provider for additional cable services); garbage and recyclable pickup; and Wi-Fi service in each home and campus-wide. Inside and outside maintenance services provide the resident with no homeownership responsibilities. Full-time security staff, landscaping services, all exercise classes in our comprehensive Thrive wellness program, a nurse’s clinic, and 24-hour in-house medical response are also included.

No. Having no mandatory meal plan gives Twin Lakes residents the pleasure and flexibility of enjoying one of the area’s many diverse restaurant choices or their own home cooking. Twin Lakes offers three dining options on campus. Residents pay only for the meals they choose to eat here. Tipping is not permitted for any service provided at Twin Lakes.

Because you own a contract of services at Twin Lakes rather than a deed to a home you do not pay property taxes.

If you do not see a question that you wish to be answered, please send us a request on our contact form by clicking the button below.

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