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Life-Wise™ is a Twin Lakes senior advocacy program designed to assist and inform individuals considering a move to a CCRC and their family members of their options, and to provide ongoing education to residents of Twin Lakes Community. Life-Wise™ is an umbrella program that simplifies access for older adults and their families to the knowledge and resources of our staff.

Under the Life-Wise™ program, our sales and admission staff provides valuable information about retirement services and living options of CCRC and other options; our goal is to bring transparency and clarity so that prospective residents can compare options and make informed decisions about what is right for them. Our admission and care teams in assisted living, memory care and nursing care work with residents and their families to guide them through myriad issues and decisions including insurance benefits, payment options, dietary needs, discharge and return-to-home planning, care and therapy planning, and quality of life issues.

Life-Wise Educational Series

Another aspect of the Life-Wise™ program is our in-house educational series designed for Twin Lakes residents. Through our independent living network of service providers, this ongoing series is designed to educate and inform residents about services, programs and policies at Twin Lakes, as well as other topics of resident interest. Staff representatives from security, environmental services, transportation, finance, nursing, social work, fitness and wellness departments make informative presentations to residents as part of the Life-Wise™ Educational Series.

Learning Community

Another component of Life-Wise™ was created through an initiative identified as part of strategic planning to make Twin Lakes a “learning community.” As a “learning community” we tap into knowledge and experience of our staff members, and into research and ‘best practices’. We believe this process serves as a way for our staff members to develop best practices in the work we do with and for our residents and each other. Originally developed to focus on issues relating to Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, staff from all levels of care in a variety of job functions (nursing, dietary, activities, social work, environmental services, maintenance, and administration) have participated in ‘Learning Circles.’ During these Learning Circles, staff members discuss specific caregiving challenges, develop strategies to address those challenges, and learn the importance of working as a team to explore solutions.

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