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Managing Unexpected Retirement Expenses

Major Expenses in Retirement and How to Prepare You have a lot to consider as you prepare for retirement. Hopefully, you began saving money when yo....More

Alzeimer's Hope

Click on link for article.

New Garden Home Development

Twin Lakes is pleased to announce we are accepting deposits for our last phase of new garden home construction. Garden homes are free-standing, three-....More

Tips to Prevent Senior Dehydration this Summer

  Tips and Tricks to Prevent Senior Dehydration This Summer Seniors are much more likely to become dehydrated than younger adults. The risk is par....More

Why Should You Retire in North Carolina?

  Reasons to Retire in North Carolina There are dozens of reasons North Carolina is a great state for retirees. The diverse landscape includes bot....More

Talking about retirement plans.

It's time to talk about retirement plans.

Award Winner

At this year’s Leading Age North Carolina spring conference at Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N C, Cherese Wolfe joined an elite group of award ....More

Top Three Healthy Eating Tips for Older Adults

Eating right is vital to maintaining a healthy body, no matter your age. While our parents taught us to eat more fruits and veggies in our younger y....More

The Greatest Benefits of Staying Active as You Age

Retirement is often considered one of the most liberating times of your life. You have the freedom to pursue hobbies, make new friends and travel th....More

Positive Aging

Click on the following link to read "not only what aging is, but what aging could be; not what we accomplish in spite of aging, but because of aging."....More

CCRC Financial Health

Follow the link below to learn more about evaluating the financial stability of a CCRC.

Mornings at Moneta Springs

It is not unusual for childrens groups to provide entertainment to residents living in higher levels of care at Twin Lakes. But, when a group of 4 and....More

Downsizing for Retirement

You may feel like downsizing is synonymous with a reduction in your quality of life or a loss of wealth. However, more and more seniors are opening ....More

Electronic Navigation 101

Our Resident Service Technology Specialists held an informative training session to assist residents with effectively navigating their iPad and iPho....More

Times News special

Follow this link to the Times News special insert Celebrate Community featuring United Way's Community Council Volunteers of the Year. The award's cer....More

Play with Clay

Residents at Twin Lakes enjoy a session of "Play with Clay", a fun pottery class for beginners. Talented potter and resident Tom Vick leads the clas....More

Making Your Retirement Income and Savings Last

Most people spend their whole lives saving money for retirement, but the National Institute on Retirement Security finds millions of Americans are u....More

Independent Living Later in Life

As people age, they may no longer feel up to maintaining their current home. Some people may even feel isolated from those their own age if they liv....More

‘Tis the Season for Family Conversations

During the holidays, it’s common for adult children to notice their parents can’t care for themselves as well as they used to. If that’s the case fo....More

Lanes of Light 2017

Through the incredible efforts and generosity of Twin Lakes' residents and staff, and the overwhelming support from the broader community, Lanes of Li....More

Whole Person Wellness and Falls Prevention

Twin Lakes Wellness Director Michael Cain was recently invited to speak at Elon Community Church on the subject of falls prevention. The invitation wa....More

Rock Steady Boxing

Click on the link below to read the article reported in today's Times News featuring Thad Stovall, husband of Twin Lakes' Sales & Marketing Coordi....More

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age

Memory loss is a natural part of aging. Most of us will go through it to some degree during our lifetime. It can be as minimal as forgetting where y....More

Do Older Adults Really Need Socialization?

We often hear how important socialization is for small children so they can learn to function in the real world. However, as we grow older, we may f....More

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