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Lanes of Light 2021

Saturday, December 4 and Sunday, December 5 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm   Lanes of Light is a spectacular holiday drive-through winding over a mile through....More

Right at Home at Twin Lakes: Home Care Services

Twin Lakes Community extends far beyond the residences of its campus. Many people in the local area who continue to live in their own homes thrive t....More

Life-Wise™: Share Your Wisdom!

 “Wisdom is the reward of experience and should be shared.” —Anonymous  At Twin Lakes, residents live with intention and authenticity and reap the ....More

Lifelong Learning: Good for You. Good For Your Community.

“Lifelong learning is a critical part of my life since retiring. And wow, we are so fortunate to have Life at Elon available just a stone....More

So Much to Give: Senior Volunteers and Community Outreach

The founders of Twin Lakes Community believed strongly in uplifting others through charity and giving back. A Sense of Purpose Programs that enabl....More

June Is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Although awareness of Alzheimer's disease is important every day of the year, June is an opportunity to bring extra attention to brain health and un....More

Improve short-term memory loss with meditation

After many years of constant cognitive stimulation, the brain can start to slow down, and for older adults, this most frequently looks like short-te....More

A Bicycle Built For Two

May is National Bike Month. Cycling has many benefits for more mature riders. Health benefits including slowing the aging process, reducing the chan....More

Top Physical Activities for Seniors

As we grow older, we may start to slow down and frequently opt for more stationary activities. However, retaining an active lifestyle provides immen....More

Why North Carolina Is One Of The Best Places To Retire

For some of us, when we began our adult life, the lure of the big cities and states was like a magnet drawing us to famous places. Whether we made t....More

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation: Coble Creek

Several exciting  additions and upgrades are happening across the Twin Lakes Community campus. We are thrilled to introduce our new Coble Creek Heal....More

Welcome Spring

Springtime in the Triad area of North Carolina is a rejuvenation of the senses. Dogwood trees are blooming, yellow daffodils scatter the landscape, re....More

Mental Benefits of Crafting and Productive Engagement Activities

Engaging in hands-on creative activities can be mentally beneficial. In a Psychological Science[1] study, seniors who learned digital photography an....More

6 Areas of Consideration for a Retirement Budget

It is relatively simple nowadays to quickly become overwhelmed when researching retirement planning and options. There are many areas to consider wi....More

Independent Living Community

One of the greatest desires when dreaming of retirement is freedom of excess burdens, leaving you available to focus on old hobbies and new passions....More

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is defined as effectively managing your economic life. It refers to the overall financial health of an individual. Someone in goo....More

New Year New Additions

Our 2021 word of the year is Community! Twin Lakes Community has invested in its grounds, facilities, and offerings to continue to grow with our res....More

New Apartments Coming to Twin Lakes

During a year that made life feel like it was standing still, we are pressing forward at Twin Lakes Community. We are excited to announce the first ....More

7 Technological Advances for Caregivers and Patients with Dementia

Dementia is an overarching term to describe various symptoms of cognitive decline that affect 10% of Americans 65 and older. Symptoms like forgetful....More

5 Things to know before Retiring

Considering retirement can feel overwhelming. Am I ready to leave the workforce? Do I have enough money saved? If these are questions you've asked y....More

Relocating Guide for Seniors

North Carolina is frequently ranked as one of the best places to retire for several reasons, including proximity to the mountains and beaches, and t....More

September is National Cholesterol Education Month

  September is National Cholesterol Education Month, a time to reeducate ourselves about the impacts of high cholesterol and how to prevent it. Hig....More

College Towns Make Ideal Retirement Location

August is here, which means it's time to go back to school! Burlington, NC is buzzing with youthful energy as students make their way back to campus....More

Yoga for Seniors

Yoga has been gaining in popularity because of the immense physical and mental benefits the practice provides. Almost instinctively when people thin....More

Memory Care and Brain Stimulation

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and affects nearly 5.5 million Am....More

Mental & Physical Benefits of Meditation

Meditation plays a significant role in physical and mental wellness. Just ten minutes of meditation a day can show positive results. Meditation come....More

5 Reasons Seniors Should Ride Bikes

Staying active as we age plays an essential role in maintaining physical and mental health. Low-impact exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming,....More

6 Small Ways to Be Environmentally Friendly

National Environmental Education week kicked off with Earth Day on April 22. Earth day itself is the world’s largest environmental initiative that w....More

Benefits of Gardening

‘Tis the season… the season of gardening that is! April is the first full month of Spring and also happens to be National Gardening Month. Now is th....More

Benefits of Intergenerational Relationships

It used to be a familiar scene to have multiple generations living within the same home or living within proximity to each other. It was not until a....More

Tax Breaks for Seniors & Retirees

Retirement can be great, especially with the independent living at Twin Lakes Community, but living on a fixed income can be challenging. Did you kn....More

Common Financial Scams that Target Older Adults

Financial Scams Targeted at Older Adults It’s an unfortunate truth that older adults are frequent victims of financial scams. After a recent analys....More

6 Exercises That Help Seniors Keep Their Balance and Stay Strong

Seniors may have age and health-related concerns about exercise, but they shouldn’t let these fears stop them from staying active. There are plenty ....More

Managing Unexpected Retirement Expenses

Major Expenses in Retirement and How to Prepare You have a lot to consider as you prepare for retirement. Hopefully, you began saving money when yo....More

Alzeimer's Hope

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New Garden Home Development

Twin Lakes is pleased to announce we are accepting deposits for our last phase of new garden home construction. Garden homes are free-standing, three-....More

Tips to Prevent Senior Dehydration this Summer

  Tips and Tricks to Prevent Senior Dehydration This Summer Seniors are much more likely to become dehydrated than younger adults. The risk is par....More

Why Should You Retire in North Carolina?

  Reasons to Retire in North Carolina There are dozens of reasons North Carolina is a great state for retirees. The diverse landscape includes bot....More

Independent Living Later in Life

As people age, they may no longer feel up to maintaining their current home. Some people may even feel isolated from those their own age if they liv....More

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age

Memory loss is a natural part of aging. Most of us will go through it to some degree during our lifetime. It can be as minimal as forgetting where y....More

Do Older Adults Really Need Socialization?

We often hear how important socialization is for small children so they can learn to function in the real world. However, as we grow older, we may f....More

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