Aging In Place Home Design in Burlington, NC

Synergy Home

Synergy: the interaction of two or more organizations or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate efforts. Twin Lakes has comprehensively captured this definition of synergy through a concept developed as part of our strategic initiative that focuses on technology. Appropriately named the Synergy Home, this specially renovated villa is the result of the combined expertise and collaboration of architects, builders, interior designers, technology innovators, and Twin Lakes staff. It is intended to be a showplace for a variety of design elements, technology, and tools to help older adults remain at home independently, safer and longer. Our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of design so we can provide resources to enable older adults not only to age in place but to thrive in place. The home incorporates the latest technology in home automation, smart appliances, cabinet systems, and a variety of other ADA features. These products are designed to assist with vision or hearing loss, physical difficulties with ambulation, health monitoring, medication management, and an increased sense of independence.

The Synergy Home and its project leader, Moneta Springs Memory Care Administrator Tara Kepley, were awarded the Excellence in Innovation Award by Leading Age North Carolina. The nomination criteria for this award states “this award honors programs and/or best practices implemented by a member community that enhances mission, improve service, inspire dedication, and/or demonstrate willingness to take risk (and even fail) in the pursuit of expanded possibilities for aging.” Leading Age North Carolina is the state association of not-for-profit providers dedicated to providing quality care, housing, health, community and related services to the elderly. This is the second time in three years that Twin Lakes has won Leading Age NC’s innovation award; we are proud to be at the front edge of innovation in senior living services.