Life-Wise™: Share Your Wisdom!

 “Wisdom is the reward of experience and should be shared.” —Anonymous

 At Twin Lakes, residents live with intention and authenticity and reap the rewards of lifelong learning and sharing with others. Those who come to live at Twin Lakes bring entire lifetimes of experiences and skills that are valuable and important, and residents are encouraged to share their wisdom with others through many programs and opportunities.


Why Continue Learning?

 Numerous bodies such as the World Health Organization and doctors’ groups agree that lifelong learning promotes better memory and can reduce or hold off the effects of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive issues. Participating in learning activities can also lessen feelings of depression or a lack of self-confidence, according to Psychology Today.

Through the Life-Wise program, Twin Lakes regularly hosts an educational series that provides residents the opportunity to learn more about in-house programs and services. It also features educational discussions on a wide range of topics of interest to residents. It is crucial that residents feel connected to their own life decisions and options. Through this regular educational series, community members can make important decisions about finances, health matters, and personal care, as well as learn about specific interests.


Learning from Each Other

Life-Wise is not only about teaching community members how to navigate insurance, however. Our residents have valuable experience to offer and share with others. That's why Twin Lakes provides connections with the community. For example, residents can participate in our tutoring and mentoring programs, teaching crucial skills to others. In addition, many community members are members of SCORE—the Service Corps of Retired Executives—and provide leadership to the community by sharing invaluable expertise and guidance.


Mentors and Leaders at Any Age

Twin Lakes residents are empowering younger generations through volunteering and mentorship. But community members don’t just offer mentorship to the outside world. They’re also sharing with each other. Twin Lakes residents volunteer in the on-site library, offering materials and assistance to their neighbors and creating enriching connections with each other in a life of purpose. Life-Wise encourages residents of all abilities to share hard-earned wisdom from a lifetime of experiences with each other and the rest of the world. Call us today at (336) 538-1572.

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