So Much to Give: Senior Volunteers and Community Outreach

The founders of Twin Lakes Community believed strongly in uplifting others through charity and giving back.

A Sense of Purpose

Programs that enable older adults to work with others or teach valuable skills are a fantastic way to share knowledge. It is a “win-win”. The community gets valuable assistance at no cost and the volunteers feel valued. Many seniors discover a renewed sense of purpose in their lives.

Building Friendships and Support Networks

Community outreach can reduce rates of depression and help people build friendships and support networks. As social ties grow stronger, volunteers begin to experience real health benefits from helping others. Not only can giving back be a mood lifter, but it can also keep volunteers more mentally active and aware.

The Community Outreach Movement

Volunteering has another healthy component—movement! As life slows down it can be easy to stop moving around especially if health issues arise. Senior volunteers are more likely to move more often and consistently. Activity can have the positive side effect of promoting blood flow, while reducing feelings of pain and discomfort.

Reach Out and Let Go—of Stress

Researchers know that chronic stress can lead to health problems. All the benefits of volunteering have the effect of reducing stress. Volunteer’s report feeling much less stress than those who do not volunteer. Helping others gives you a big boost in self-confidence and personal satisfaction.

Passing on Priceless Knowledge

Older adults have lived rich, full lives and have much to share. The knowledge, skills, and life experiences they have are priceless. Community outreach and volunteering allow older adults to pass those valuable skills and insights to others. Whether teaching fiber arts to a new generation or describing an important moment in history, our seniors have much to offer.

 Twin Lakes Volunteers

In the spirit of Twin Lakes Community’s mission, we encourage and support our residents in their volunteering efforts. We also welcome outside volunteers. A life of purpose is a richer, fuller life. You have more to offer others than you think!   

If you would like to donate your time or talents at Twin Lakes Community or partner with our organization please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Katie Gantos, 336-585-2351 or katie.gantos@twinlakescomm.org.

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