Our Residences

At Twin Lakes Community we know every individual has their own distinct lifestyle preferences including the size and style of the homes they wish to live in. These preferences may be decided by sheer personal choice, sometimes by financial means, or maybe by their current health needs. Whatever factors determine one’s choice of residence, without question, Twin Lakes Community offers as wide a selection of residence choices as can be found at any CCRC. All homes offer a 50% refundable contract or a standard, 30-month declining refund contract.

 Choose from over 430 independent living homes including our cozy one-bedroom/one bath apartment, a lakefront villa, or free-standing, three-bedroom/two-and-a-half bath homes with garages, terraces, and spacious attics. You’re sure to find the home that fits your style and your budget.

Garden Homes

The Garden Homes are free-standing, three bedroom, two to two-and-a-half bath homes ranging from 1750 square feet to 2400 square feet.  In addition to the heated square footage, each home has a one or two-car garage, an attic with permanent-stair access and a court terrace. A natural gas generator is also standard with each home.

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The Villas are two-bedroom, two-bath homes ranging from 1311 square feet to 1675 square feet. In addition to the heated square footage, each home has an attic with permanent-stair access and a deck or patio adjacent to a sunroom. Many villas are located on one of several lakes providing beautiful lakefront views.

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Wittenberg is a three-story apartment building housing twenty-four spacious apartment homes. Options range from 825 square feet, one-bedroom apartments to two-bedroom, two-bath apartments with approximately 1,000 square feet. A community great room and library are additional amenities located in Wittenberg.

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The Apartments are one-bedroom (600 square feet) or two-bedroom (800 square feet), one-bath apartment homes housed in two buildings: Aldersgate and Brandenburg. These buildings offer the convenience of interconnecting hallways which provide easy access to all the amenities located at Twin Lakes Community. All apartments offer a patio or balcony.

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