Speech, Physical & Occupational Therapy in Burlington, NC

Coble Creek Healthcare and Rehabilitation

     Coble Creek continues to build on a tradition of excellence in providing comprehensive and compassionate, person-centered care to those who reside within. Dedicated staff is committed to meeting the wide range of health care needs for each individual resident through social and physical activities, nutrition, and by coordinating resident care with physician’s orders. Sometimes, short-term or rehabilitative care is all that is needed to assist someone to return to independent living. For others, Coble Creek's skilled nursing may become their permanent residence. No matter what the reason for residency, the goal of our staff is to provide a comforting, caring, and supportive environment to assist each resident in living to their fullest potential.

    Coble Creek is a licensed skilled nursing facility with 104 private rooms. We are a Medicare and Medicaid-approved facility. Other amenities located in Coble Creek include The Salon at 3802, The Hearth Café dining area, a rotunda with seating, and the beautiful May-Foley Chapel. Speech, physical, and occupational therapy are also located at Coble Creek.

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Services in Burlington, NC

     Services provided by Coble Creek are available to residents of Twin Lakes, as well as members of the broader community. For further information please call 336-538-1558.

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