Life Enrichment (Activites) Director

JOB TITLE:  Life Enrichment Director                                  

DEPARTMENT: Coble Creek Healthcare and Rehabilitation

REPORTS TO: Administrator of Coble Creek



The Activities Director facilitates each household’s abilities to plan and carry out personal interests and social activities for residents and the household. This will include researching, creating, implementing and recording diverse opportunities for meaningful pursuits, daily pleasures, recreation, exercise, friendships, social interaction, growth and learning, fun and enjoyment, personal routines and household rituals. The Activities Director performs all tasks that require an activities professional, and assists household staff as needed in providing other activities. The Activities Director must facilitate the effective completion of care plans and required documentation with regards to activities needs. 


The Activities Director works cooperatively and respectfully with residents, coworkers, families, visitors and volunteers to create a positive and pleasant environment in the home. This may involve direct problem solving, conflict resolution and ensuring that activities are meeting the needs and desires of residents.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:       

  1. Researches, designs, and implements a variety of activities to meet the needs of a diverse population.
  2. Conducts and/or coordinates designated activities while evaluating their effectiveness and participation.
  3. Performs MDS requirements for every resident.
  4. Offers expertise and guidance as needed and requested, to all household staff, assuring that the households have the needed resources (community links, materials and supplies, skills and knowledge) to be successful in providing an optimal quality of life for residents.
  5. Assures regulatory compliance by encouraging appropriate record keeping and charting in
  6. all households and by maintaining appropriate files to document compliance. Maintains attendance records of activity programs and participation of individual residents.
  7. Ensures that all household staff participate in Quality Improvement measurements that will surface questions and issues to address and that appropriate follow up is taken to assure quality outcomes, performing professional audits and observations to confirm the competency of all household guides and household staff in the Activities Director’s professional area.
  8. Develops and/or maintains a library of materials, suggestions and supplies that increase everyone’s abilities to meet the needs of the residents.
  9. Reports all unusual conditions, behaviors, and/or resident reactions to the appropriate Licensed or Management personnel in a timely manner.
  10. Assures that federal, state and local laws as well as accepted professional standards and principles of state, professional organizations, boards, councils that apply to professionals providing care are respected and observed.
  11. Responds and reacts in a kind, polite, and professional manner with residents, families, visitors, co-workers, and supervisors.
  12. Meets with resident groups to provide feedback on programs and plans to obtain suggestions.
  13. Will comply with all federal and state regulatory requirements to maintain licensure or certification as activity or therapeutic recreation professional and other certifications as appropriate.
  14. Assures that resident rights are honored, including the right to refuse or individualize treatment, and monitors staff’s response to resident concerns.
  15. Ensures proper hiring, orientation, training, coaching, counseling and performance appraisals of activities staff in a manner supportive of team and professional standards of practice, and adequate to support quality outcomes and ensure policies/procedures are followed.  
  16. Attends daily staff meetings as well as weekly Care Plan family meetings.
  17. Prepares and distributes calendars, memos, and other supporting material relative to the Activities Department.
  18. Solicits the involvement of the community (clubs, groups, organizations, agencies, churches, individuals, etc.) when planning facility activities and events.  
  19. May represent Twin Lakes by participating in public relations activities with community agencies.
  20. Ensures proper hiring, orientation, training, coaching, of volunteers and maintains documentation of volunteer hours.
  21. Attends in-service education programs to meet facility educational requirments.
  22. Assists in the development, selection and quality of the YESS (Youth Engaged in Serving Seniors) and PAL (“Partners Across the Lakes”) programs.
  23. Plans and executes community wide events for residents and families.
  24. Assists the residents with organizing and maintaining active Resident Council. Provide accommodation, assistance, scheduling, and other means to assure that residents can meet a minimum of once per month. Channel feedback to the appropriate facility personnel to ensure that resident issues are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. Document minutes of Resident Council meetings as well as follow-up to any concerns expressed at the meeting. 


Education and/or Experience:


  • Meets all federal, state and local requirements for licensing as an activity professional. Specialized training or experience in geriatric activities, social work or gerontology is desirable.
  • Two to five years’ experience in a skilled nursing or retirement facility is desirable.
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher)


Certificates, licenses, registrations:

  • Degree and certification as a therapeutic recreation specialist, music therapist, art therapist; or Certified Activity Director by the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals; or at least two years of experience in a healthcare activity program setting (social or recreational); or is a qualified occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant; or has completed a training course approved by the State.
  • Valid Driver’s License