Director of Nursing

JOB TITLE:  Director of Nursing                               

DEPARTMENT: Coble Creek Healthcare & Rehabilitation 

REPORTS TO: Administrator of Coble Creek



Responsible position, which directs and oversees the Nursing Services provided and Twin Lakes Community’s Coble Creek Healthcare and Rehabilitation. Provides clinical leadership to Coble Creek ensuring Twin Lakes Community’s mission, vision, and values are supported through all clinical services.  This Position is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and facilitating the clinical operations of Coble Creek to ensure regulatory compliance. This position will be expected to nurture a culture of person-centered and resident-directed care, while being accountable and responsible for the overall supervision of all personnel in the Nursing Department within Coble Creek.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for ensuring clinical operations for Coble Creek are in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, North Carolina’s Nurse Practice Act, and professional standards of nursing care while honoring person-centered and resident-directed care.
  2. Keeps abreast of current state and federal regulations, as well as professional standards and makes recommendations for incorporation into policies and procedures.
  3. Assures regulatory compliance by overseeing appropriate record keeping and charting in all Neighborhoods and by maintaining appropriate files to document compliance (such as documentation to show trends, historical data, demographics, etc.).
  4. Develops policies and procedures for clinical practices and neighborhood management that support the values of person-centered and resident-directed care, and ensures safe, sanitary and efficient practices supporting professional standards of nursing care.
  5. Performs clinical assessments and monitors the quality of delegated assessments and clinical nursing functions.
  6. Ensures initial assessment of resident’s needs, care plan development, and quarterly follow-up assessments are accomplished.
  7. Maintains a good working relationship with the Medical Director, Pharmacy Provider and Therapy Provider in support of quality clinical care in the neighborhoods.
  8. Assures that resident rights are honored, including the right to refuse or individualize treatment, and monitors staff’s response to resident concerns.
  9. Ensures proper hiring, orientation, training, clinical competency testing, coaching, counseling and performance appraisals of nursing staff in a manner supportive of team and professional standards of practice, and adequate to support quality outcomes and ensure policies/procedures are followed.
  10. Is responsible for hiring, discipline, and termination, in consultation with Administrator and Human Resources Officer.
  11. Participates in the annual budget process and supports organizational fiscal viability through efficient and effective use of all resources of the organization, including maintaining clinical staffing and supply budgets within planned expenditures; maintaining staffing patterns consistent with the philosophy, objectives and availability of resources.
  12. May represent Twin Lakes by participating in public relations activities with community agencies.


May be required to perform other duties in keeping with the nature of this position which will not significantly alter the job requirements


Education and/or Experience:

  • Master’s Degree in Nursing or 5 years of experience as a Director of Nursing is desired. Must be at least 21 years of age. At least two years of work experience in supervision and administration required.


Certificates, licenses, registrations:

  • Must have valid North Carolina Nursing Licensure