MDS Nurse


DEPARTMENT:   Nursing  Administration                               

DIVISION: Health Care

REPORTS TO:   Director of Nursing



Responsible for the oversight and coordination of the generation of a Minimum Data Set (MDS) for each Medicare and/or Medicaid resident and the electronic transmission of required data by time frame as mandated by the regulating agencies.

Essential Duties:

  • Responsible for maintaining own RN licensure and assist in the verification of all appropriate licenses for all MDS nurses.
  • Responsible for insuring the day to day operations of the MDS Department is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations. Responsible for implementation of policies and procedures to assure compliance with NC Division of Facility Services (DFS) and other regulatory agencies requirements.
  • Assists in the development and implementation of policies and procedures for accepting Health Care residents and their ongoing care. Insures initial assessment of resident’s needs, care plan development, and quarterly follow-up assessments are accomplished.  Must be available for consultation as necessary.
  • Responsible for insuring that should there be a change in the residents status a new assessment is done and a new care plan is generated and communicated.
  • Attend or insure the attendance of an MDS nurse at Family Conferences for the purpose of reviewing with the family the resident’s Care Plan and the receiving of any family concerns.
  • Responsible for insuring all assessment data is accurately entered. Insure computer calculation of the assessment data information relevant to the Prospective Pay System (PPS) is sent to Accounting.
  • Responsible for receiving Quality Indicators (QI) from DFS and insuring they are communicated to all appropriate staff. In conjunction with DON and ADON implement plans of QI improvements
  • Responsible for Staff education relevant to MDS/PPS/Medicare/Medicaid and assures all educational and in-service programs are communicated to and attended by MDS staff.
  • Responsible of insuring departmental orientation is accomplished and all appropriate training and evaluation procedures are followed.
  • Reviews monthly staffing budget, insures employee performance issues are addressed, and makes recommendations for hiring, discipline, and termination.


Education and/or experience:

  • RN license
  • MDS experience preferred