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‘Tis the Season for Family Conversations

During the holidays, it’s common for adult children to notice their parents can’t care for themselves as well as they used to. If that’s the case fo....More

Lanes of Light 2017

Through the incredible efforts and generosity of Twin Lakes' residents and staff, and the overwhelming support from the broader community, Lanes of Li....More

Whole Person Wellness and Falls Prevention

Twin Lakes Wellness Director Michael Cain was recently invited to speak at Elon Community Church on the subject of falls prevention. The invitation wa....More

Rock Steady Boxing

Click on the link below to read the article reported in today's Times News featuring Thad Stovall, husband of Twin Lakes' Sales & Marketing Coordi....More

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age

Memory loss is a natural part of aging. Most of us will go through it to some degree during our lifetime. It can be as minimal as forgetting where y....More

Hanging Rock State Park 2017

A group of hardy resident and staff adventurers enjoyed a recent all-day excursion to Hanging Rock State Park. They conquered a six-mile trail, savori....More

2017 Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair

Mark your calendar for our 3rd Annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair: Friday and Saturday, November 3rd and 4th from 10:00-2:00 in the May-Foley Chapel ....More

Tip of the Tongue

That forgetful "tip-of-the-tongue" moment when you cannot remember the word you want to use may have a simple explanantion. Click on the link below to....More

Sleep Quality Among Older Adults

An article by Matthew Walker, director of Human Sleep Science at UC Berkely, recently was published in the Wall Street Journal, and examined the cause....More

Art at the Lakes

  Over sixty pieces of art created by resident artists were featured at Art at the Lakes held Sunday, October 15th. The event benefitted the Twin L....More

Do Older Adults Really Need Socialization?

We often hear how important socialization is for small children so they can learn to function in the real world. However, as we grow older, we may f....More

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